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Birdies, Eagles and Ospreys!

Why Ospreys you may ask? Well at Silverdale Golf Club we occasionally spot ospreys flying over the course. Most sightings are on the front nine and we think that they are the ospreys of nearby Foulshaw Moss who sometimes feed in the ponds at Leighton Moss.

We are happy to announce the return of the breeding male (WhiteYW) and hope that his partner (Blue35) will join him in the next few days. Many of our members follow their adventures via the webcam hosted by Cumbria Wildlife Trust. Webcam Link. This year, there appears to be the choice of 2 cameras and it is claimed that they are fitted with night-vision and sound.

A word of warning tho, watching on these webcams can become addictive! But hopefully in 2021 we will see more eggs/ chicks and be fascinated when they fledge.

If you play our course, watch out for our ospreys!

Update: Blue35 (the breeding female) was also spotted today.


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