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Further Road Closure

If you are travelling to Silverdale Golf Club from Carnforth, you will find that there are road closure signs when you try to turn left at Sand Lane, Warton. The reason for this is that Electricity North West are once again working on New Road between Barrow Scout and the junction of Sand Lane installing a new HV cable. The plan was to have traffic lights allowing traffic to get through, but the contractor has had an emergency order approved to keep the road closed. These works are expected to end by 10 December at the latest.

The alternative routes are shown on the map:

  1. Continue on Main Street, Warton until you reach the George Washington pub and turn left on Crag Road. This is the shortest route but is very narrow in places and care needs to be taken.

  2. Continue on Main Street, Warton all the way through Yealand Conyers, Yealand Redmayne and Yealand Storrs until you eventually reach us via Storrs Lane

  3. Continue on the A6 from Carnforth until you take a left onto 19 Acre Lane, take a right at the end of the lane and eventually reach us via Storrs Lane.


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