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B4RN Saves the Day!

2 weeks ago the club's broadband went down following a lightning strike.

Just like last time, BT Openreach were unable to fix the fault despite many visits.

Today, Friday 31 March, the club was saved by having our fibre broadband connection from B4RN come live and as of today the BT line is still dead!!!

This happened on top of our office move and the frustration and stress throughout the club has been high. Our secretary, Stuart Wells, has taken the brunt of this and we thank Stuart for managing to keep things together.

We apologise to both members and visitors for any inconvenience caused during the last 2 weeks.

The B4RN team were aware of our problems and turned on the extra effort to help. This week the team put in a massive effort the get the club connected, blowing more than 4km of fibre in 2 days and fusing all the connections to get the club connected.

The B4RN team are booked into the club for a celebration meal this weekend - well they certainly have something to celebrate now and the club is immensely grateful.

The club now has a hyper fast broadband link which should be lightning proof! That's certainly a relief to me and should enable the club to provide a better and more consistent level of service.

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