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800 Facebook Likes!

We have just gone over 800 likes on our Facebook page and we would like to thank everyone who helped us to get to this total.

As well as posting adverts for the Club, we also have interesting and informative posts. Our page is full of photos and videos. Why not have a look - maybe you will "like" us too. Click here.

If you use Facebook, why not join one of our closed groups? (In closed groups, only members of the group can view the content and post on the group's page).

Our most popular group (currently 68 members) is the Silverdale Golf Club Photo Group. This is for members and visitors who want to post photos of the course/clubhouse or simply just want to view those photos. Join here.

We have 44 in the Silverdale Seniors. To qualify to join this group you must be a member, aged 55 or over and play with the Seniors. Join here.

The Silverdale Winter League group has 53 members. This is open to members who are interested in the Winter League. Join here.

For members with handicaps of 18 or over, we have a group called Silverdale Rabbits (currently 42 members). Join here.

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