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World Handicap System - tables added

We have added 3 tables to our World Handicap resource. This can be found when you open the "Members" tab on our website. Its the side button just above "Competition/Tee Booking".

The first table we have added is the Slope Rating Table - this can be viewed just outside the Proshop and just before you reach the first tee.

If you know your handicap index, you can convert it to your course handicap by referencing the appropriate table for the tees you are going to play from.

The next table is the Playing Handicap: Mandatory Allowances Table.

Depending on the format of golf you are playing your course handicap can be converted into your playing handicap by referencing the table.

For example, if you are playing an individual stableford format, your playing handicap will be 95% of your course handicap.

The final table you will see (for now) is our conversion tables.

For example, if your course handicap is 20 and you are playing an individual stableford format, you can use the table - by referencing the 95% column you will find that your playing handicap is 19.

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