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90 not out!

The Seniors who played in the roll-up today raised a glass to John Clark. John had kindly put a bottle of whisky behind the bar in celebration of his 90th birthday!

To celebrate that we have a 90 year old still playing in the roll-ups, the Seniors Chairman, Roger Sharples, presented him with a bottle of malt whisky. Roger congratulated John on reaching his 90th birthday and joked that he had been a member for so long that he had heard that he had completed his application in parchment!

John thanked Roger and the Seniors for his gift saying "I think I've been a member for nearly 50 years. Thank you all very much for this and I would like to wish all the Seniors all the best in the future, even though you are all just chickens"!

I'm sure we would all like to think we would still be playing golf (at Silverdale) when we get to 90.


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