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How to post to a Facebook group

We have lots of members in our Facebook groups, but very few people ever post on them. Here are some instructions that may help more members to post. All the screenshots are from my (Samsung) phone. I realise that it may be different on your phone, but hopefully this will still help.

  1. Open up the Facebook app - as you can see, I have one on my home screen

  2. Click on the 3 horizontal lines (just to the right of the bell icon)

  3. Click on the "Groups" tile

  4. Click on the group you want (if you have more than 3 you may need to scroll to the right to find the one you need)

  5. Click on "Write something" in the group page you have opened

  6. Write a short message and add photos, etc. as required

If you have a Facebook account, but haven't joined any of our private groups, here are our most popular groups:


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