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Our Facebook Groups

If you have a Facebook account, why not join one of our Facebook Groups? Our groups are all in the "private" category i.e. only group members can see who is in the group and what is posted.

Here are our current groups:

Silverdale Golf Club Photo Group

Current members 149

Description: "Silverdale Golf Club Photo Group allows members to upload photos associated with the Golf Club or simply view them."

Note: you don't have to be a member of Silverdale Golf Club to join this group. Join here.

Silverdale Winter League

Current members 72

Description: "Silverdale Winter League is for members of Silverdale Golf Club who are interested in the Winter League"

Note: if you intend to play in the Winter League you will also have to join their "WhatsApp" group to see the latest draws, etc. Join here.

Silverdale Seniors

Current members 64

Description: "Silverdale Seniors are members of Silverdale Golf Club aged 55 years or over who play with the Seniors"

Silverdale Rabbits

Current members 52

Description: "Silverdale Rabbits are members of Silverdale Golf Club with handicaps of 18 or over"

Silverdale GC Birders

Current members 8

Description: "Silverdale GC Birders is a private group for Silverdale golfers who have an interest in spotting and identifying birds whilst playing golf"


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