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Our Most Successful Facebook Post of 2021

Here it is, our most successful post on Facebook for 2021 was our "Good Luck" message to Linda and Mark when they took over the running of our restaurant and bar on the 1st of December.

They seem to have settled in nicely and are now serving up quality food and refreshments in our lovely clubhouse.

We have had one google review as well (5 stars).

As you can see, the post "reached" 2408 people. This means it was on that number of peoples feed, so they probably saw it. Also it had an engagement of 316. Engagement is a total of all the post clicks, likes, comments and shares that the post had.

All this was achieved "organically". This means that we did not pay Facebook to boost or promote the post.

There was no negative feedback at all.

So once again we say "Good Luck Linda and Mark" and "Keep up the good work in 2022".

If you are on Facebook, you can keep up-to-date with all the latest from our restaurant and bar by joining our private group


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