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Our Rabbits win 5 - nil

Silverdale Rabbits beat Lansil Rabbits 5 - nil in their final match of the season. Our Rabbits Organizer, Steve Abbott reported this on our Facebook page:

"No honourable draw for us last night in but a convincing 5-0 win against Lansil. We had to wait for the Lansil team to arrive and only got our last team out by about 4:15. We were worried about the light. They had a very late cry off, so Stuart Foulds and I in the last group played against their Captain, Spencer who had to take us on by himself. The light just about held for the last ones on the course. A couple of convincing wins and also good comebacks and turn arounds by two of our teams. We finished the evening with a good meal, Ham and Leek pie or Lasagna and garlic bread, with chips and peas followed by a very tasty Sticky Toffee pud. Thanks to Vicky and all the Chefs team."

This meant our season total was Silverdale 11.5, Others 7.5 If you have a high handicap, we'd love you to join our Facebook group and hopefully play in our teams next year. Here is the link


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