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Results of the Singles Stroke Play and Stableford Opens Sunday 27th August 2023

Results of the Singles Regular Stroke Play Open involving

31 members and 42 visitors

1st place - Andrew Schofield - £90 voucher

2nd place - Robert Len Scarr - £70 voucher

3rd place - Karl Sutton (Duxbury Park) - £60 voucher

4th place - Phillip Mashiter - £50 voucher

5th place - Stephen McNicholas (Green Haworth) - £35 voucher

Click HERE for Full results

Results of Singles Stableford Open

1st place - Neil Cross - £90 voucher

2nd place - Daniel McLennan - £70 voucher

3rd place - Andrew Brough - £60 voucher

4th place - Neil Jones - £50 voucher

5th place - Geoff Casson - £35 voucher

Click HERE for Full results

Nearest the Pins each winning a £35 voucher.

2nd Hole - Richard Ward (Hindley Hall) - 7ft

7th Hole - Nick Rafferty - 6ft 9ins

14th Hole - Craig Alston (Green Haworth) 5ft 2ins

18th Hole - Anthony Wilson (Grange Park) 4ft 1in

ALL Vouchers redeemable at Silverdale Golf Club Pro Shop

Last Summer Open is for Seniors on Monday 11th September

Please note our Winter Open dates are now published

Please book via the Pro Shop 01524 701300 ext 3

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