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Results of the Texas Scramble Open Thursday 7th July

1st Place - 61-13=48

Steven Hewitt, Jack Anthony Cain, Jaye Lewis Rigg, Ben Alexander Stridgeon - £70 each

2nd Place - 63-11=52

Phillip Mashiter, Geoff Casson, David Crayston, Anthony Robin Baines - £60 each

3rd Place - 66-13=53

Mark Saunders, Deon Houghton, Mark Riding, James Sheppard - £50 each

4th Place - 73-20=53

Carl Davidson, Jo Jacombs, Margaret Roberts (Lady Captain), Mike Roberts - £40 each

5th Place - 68-14=54

Malcolm Hayman, Michael Stokes, Shaun Connor, Ken Davidson - £30 each

The full results can be viewed here.

All prizes are in the form of vouchers that can be redeemed at Silverdale Golf Club Proshop


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