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Results of Winter Open #2 on Saturday 30th March

1st place - 49pts - Gareth Lynch & Nigel Sanderson £80 voucher each

2nd place - 48pts - Clint Jolley & Richard Smith £70 voucher each

3rd place - 47pts - John Casswell (Prestwich) & Joe Quantick

(Huyton & Prescot) £60 voucher each

4th place - 46pts CPO - Adam Donaldson & Stuart Tinkler £50 voucher each

5th place - 46pts CPO - Adam Cowperthwaite & Shaun Foreman

£35 voucher each

6th place - 46pts CPO - James Rafferty & Robert Lawson £25 voucher each

All vouchers redeemable at Silverdale Golf Club Pro Shop

Nearest the Pins

2nd Hole - Jonathan Clewes (Shipley) 3ft 4ins

7th Hole - Matt Green (Fleetwood) 4ft 5ins

14th Hole - Thomas Rice (Duxbury Park) 3ft 5ins

18th Hole - James Rafferty 4ft 5ins

Each winning a £45 voucher redeemable at Silverdale Golf Club Pro Shop

For Full resuts please click HERE

Next Open is the start of the Summer competitions on Saturday 20th April


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