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The first video is "11th Silverdale test". It starts at the rear of our 11th tee and takes you over the tee and down the 11th fairway. The 11th is the second (and final) par 5 on the course. At 485 yards, it will depend on your ability whether you are "going for the green" on your third or 4th shot. As you can see from the video, accuracy is as important as distance and the shot to the raised green is always tricky.

Next we have "15th Silverdale golf club test run 2". Although not as famous as our 13th hole, the 15th is a short but tricky par 4. The video takes you over the tee areas towards the landing zone with the out-of-bounds orchard to the right. From there a short iron will take you up to the raised green. Elite golfers occasionally go for the green (270 yards) from the tee, but as you can see, it is fraught with danger.

Finally, we have "Silverdale 72 hole golf challenge". This video has some great action shots and drone footage of the 2021 "72 hole challenge" that 16 of our members took on to raise £4500 for Macmillan Cancer Support. It ends with all 16 of our heroes having a well-earned rest in front of our clubhouse. We are pleased to report that we are taking on the "72 hole challenge" in 2022, so watch this space.

As you can see all these videos were created by "Darwen-Drone-Tube". This is the Youtube channel of one of our members (Andrew Ainsworth). Please "like" the videos and consider subscribing as it will help Andrew to grow his channel.


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