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Tried the MyEG app yet?

England Golf has launched an app called MyEG.

It is available on Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

If you search for it you will find that it says "New Zealand Golf Network Ltd." under it - don't be put off this is the correct one.

After you download it, you have to login - its best to register on the England Golf website first as its the same details.

The number you need is your CDH number. You will find this on your SGC membership card.

When the app opens you will see your name, handicap index and Membership No. (CDH no.)

Below that you can see the last 20 rounds with the 8 "Counters" in green.

If you click on the 3 lines to the left of Dashboard (at the top) another screen appears.

If you click on "WHS Course Handicap Calculator" you can search for any course in the country. Obviously we want Silverdale (click on the little magnifying glass and start typing it in). Click on it when you see it and another screen appears - see below.

This screen shows your course handicaps for the various tees applicable to you.

The app is well worth trying out and has a few other features that you can find out about yourself, e.g. creating a "friends" group. Give it a go!

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